Allan Tannenbaum's New York Punk: 1974-1981 Collector's Portfolio

Allan Tannenbaum
Portfolio Tells Story
Of New York Punk

Attention, collectors and punk rock lovers: you don’t want to miss this limited edition boxed set of fantastic prints by photographer Allan Tannenbaum. The 21 hand-signed, archival pigment prints in “New York Punk: 1974-1981” are reason enough to dive into this themed photographic portfolio. That Blondie’s Debbie Harry wrote and autographed the introduction to each […]

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The Ramones by Roberta Byaley

Music Greats of
The Empire State (Part I)


New York is the ultimate destination where musicians from all walks of life come to find themselves and hone their craft. At its worst New York consumes and devours an artist, but it also inspires and nurtures a musician’s creativity. This idea couldn’t ring truer than for musicians who are native New Yorkers and have […]

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Gwen Stefani by Matthias Clamer

Living Large in
The Aughts


For music fans, the 2000s was a highly memorable decade – not the least, for its extreme excess and materialism deeply embedded in mainstream popular culture. Rappers such as Jay-Z and P. Diddy birthed ‘bling bling’ and bottle-service culture, saturating the media with their ostentatious way of life. Globalization, the rise of the internet, the […]

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Stevie Ray Vaughan by Robert M. Knight

SRV Stirs Memories
Of Photographers
Who Knew Him


The late guitar great Stevie Ray Vaughan would have turned 60 this week. Rock Paper Photo is celebrating the life of the Texas blues legend with a collection of photographs that capture his unique talent, raw power and unmistakable style. The photographers who shot these images, which are available for sale as limited edition prints, […]

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“American Photo” Feature


We’re proud to be recommended by the editors of American Photo Magazine! In the September/October 2014 issue, Rock Paper Photo is one of the top online galleries recommended to first-time and experienced collectors as well as to photographers wishing to sell their work. The editors write, “Many online collecting websites now aim for the middle […]

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