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On the Road with David Bowie

As David Bowie crossed Europe and Russia on the 1976 "Station to Station" tour, photographer Andrew Kent produced a beautiful chronicle of the star's travels.

Andrew Kent went on the road with David Bowie and Iggy Pop for three months in 1976 for the European leg of Bowie’s “Station to Station” tour. It was every photographer’s dream: total access, private settings, even spontaneous sidetrips (Moscow, anyone?). Andrew Kent had met Bowie in LA months earlier when rock journalist Cameron Crowe needed a ride to a late night interview with the star. Today the photographer considers the intimate frames he shot in Paris, London, Helsinki and elsewhere “the best work I’ve ever done for anybody, before or after.” More than 35 years later, these images remain as fresh and powerful as the day they were shot.

DAVID BOWIE, Moscow 1976

Andrew Kent
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