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Viliam Hrubovcak

Over the course of his career Viliam Hrubovcak has photographed alternative music's most iconic figures. His work follows punk and New Wave from their beginnings, charting the careers of top artists through the present. Portraiture has always been Viliam's specialization, especially evident in his concert shots. His close friendships with Joe Strummer and Billy Idol have also been a hallmark of his career.

The first rock show photographed by Viliam featured The Police, Iggy Pop, Killing Joke, the Specials and the Go-Go's, in 1980. Four years later he bought his first Haselblad and started publishing his work.

After recently opening his archives, Viliam has had images included in the 2011 John Lydon "Scrapbook" and the 2012 Stummerville calendar.

For the past 10 years his Photosynthesis Studio has been based in Toronto, Ontario.

Viliam was born in Czechoslovakia, immigrating with his parents to Canada in 1968.


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